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Makin Moves - A Community of Action

The Coaching and Community You've Been Asking For

Fully Transparent, Roadmaps to Your Goals, The Tools You Need, The People You Need...      Get Things Done
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Makin' Moves Coaching

Get Access to the Tools and Community You Need to Succeed

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Makin' Moves Offers An Option For Everyone


We Offer an Option to Fit Your Needs

Full Access Coaching

Everything Makin' Moves Offers

If you want to Syndicate, JV and Operate Real Estate, you need to know how to find, fund, analyze and structure a deal. Not all deals are the same. Instead of teaching one way to look at it we will teach you multiple ways look at deals. This opens the door for more possibilities rather than wait around looking for a deal that fits a very narrow "buy box"

The Coaching includes weekly and monthly calls with Tim and TIm where we utilize real life deals that we've done as well as deals we are considering .This will be hands on, applicable training.

The first 12 weeks is a personalized bootcamp where students will be fully equipped to find a viable deal, analyze it and close on it.

This Makin' Moves Package includes coaching from Tim and Tim, directly, lifetime access to the Makin' Moves Community, Lifetime Access to THE Analyzer and discounted Master-Mind Events
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The Makin' Moves Community

Do you want to see Underwriting in action? Want to have a place to submit your deals and have our community of experienced operators look it over? 

Do you want access to Industry experts in Legal, Lending and Insurance?

Do you want access to experienced operators in Multifamily, Short Term Rentals, Retail, Mobile Home Parks, Self-Storage and more?

Do you want a place to network with others, like you, who want to find deals, partner, raise capital and close on deals?

Do you want a place whree you can find that missing piece that completes your team?

The Makin' Moves Community IS that place.

This is included with the Full Access Coaching but is also available without the coaching.
Access the Makin' Moves Community whenever you need it!
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THE Analyzer

Tim and Tim have used most of the analyzers out there in the market today.

Tim Vitale created one, himself, for another leading Syndicator that has been very popular for Seller Financed deals.

But they saw a need for a better, more versatile analyzer that reduced the chances for human error.

THE Analyzer was born! Borrowing from some of the best features from many analyzers. Then adding in many of the features and capabilities that all of those analyzers lacked.

Don't need the coaching? Is your network and access to industry experts big enough already? But you want the best tools available? No worries...THE Analyzer is available to you.

For a one time fee, you receive THE Analyzer and all the version updates that follow.

Tim and Tim are always thinking of news ways to do deals and asking for new ways to analyze them. As THE Analyzer grows, you get the latest and greatest.
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Master-mind events

This online stuff is great. The virtual deal rooms, communities and Zoom based coaching calls have really opened up so many options.

But nothing beats those in person events where we can all spend some time together, networking, chatting, building partnerships and having some fun!!

Makin' Moves holds 3-4 Master-Mind events every year. The locations are always different. The events are always a bit unique.

As a Coaching Student you will receive discounted entry to ALL Master-Mind Events. 

If you aren't one of the Full Acces Coaching students, No Worries...you are still invited!

Just let us know you are interested and we'll keep you updated on all of our events, locations and specifics!
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Not Sure If makin' moves in Multifamily programs are right for you?
We understand this isn't for everyone. Who is it for and what do our members say?

who is makin' moves for...

Anyone who knows they want to create wealth and cash flow in Real Estate but aren't sure how
Anyone who takes action consistently but just needs some help with the tools and foundation needed to make their actions effective
Anyone who wants to be part of a community of "doers" that help each other to get deals done and meet their goals
Anyone who is looking for a transparent and honest behind the scenes look at how to do Real Estate deals and how they work

What Do our Members Say...

"We hear all of the time that real estate is not a get rich quick scheme but to see that actual breakdown and time it could potentially take to feel comfortable leaving your W2 or whatever was great, so thank you"
"I agree with that Tim Vest. That's what I am going to do for now. I appreciate it guys. It means alot"
"Tim Vitale it's like magic, I got a response from the broker within an hour of that email"
"You guys are the first coaches to give me a realistic roadmap that shows me exactly how and how long. Thank you!"

Makin' Moves Gives you the roadmap!

Makin' moves Coaching

Makin' Moves Coaching

Full Access- Everything Makin' Moves Offers- At a Discount


12 Months- Paid Once
A 17% Discount vs Monthly
Hands on Coaching
THE Analyzer
The Community- Lifetime Access
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Makin' Moves Coaching

Full Access- Everything Makin' Moves Offers- Easy Payments


12 Months- Paid Monthly
Easy Payment Option
Hands on Coaching
THE Analyzer
The Community- Lifetime Access
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Makin' Moves Community

Monthly Access to the Community


Paid Monthly
Limited Time- Normally $99
24/7 Discord Access w/ Industry Experts
Networking and Inside Scoop on New Deals
Weekly Deal Reviews- Submit Your Deal for Feeedback
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Race Cars &
Real Estate

The Makin' Moves 2022 Networking Event

November 18-19, 2022


Secure Yours Today
Porsche Experience Center- Drive 8 Different Porsche Models
Network w/ High-Caliber Multifamily Operators - Get In The Room
Guest Speakers Mike Ealy and Sam Silverman
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All Access Coaching

Coaching with Tim and Tim. Learn underwriting, building broker relationships, how to structure deals, Identifying Markets, Lending. Includes THE Analyzer and the Makin' Moves Community

Makin' Moves Community

Network and build relationships with Industry experts, lenders and insurance providers. Experts on Multifamily, STR, MHP, Retail and Self-Storage. Weekly networking and underwriting events.

THE Analyzer

The industry's best Real Estate analyzer...and all the training you need to make it work for you! Lifetime access to this powerful tool, everything it does today and everything it will do in the future!

frequently asked questions

Here are some answers to some common questions we receive. If you have something that isn't answered here, drop us a line. We're happy to chat with ya!
I'm still at square one with finding an my first deal, is Makin' Moves right for me?
Great question. And we'll be up front with you! We don't tell people that they will definitely find a deal if they join our Coaching or Community. No coach or mentor can, or should, guarantee that. But what we CAN tell you is that we will provide you with all the tools, insights, transparency and support you need to find deals, do deals and make progress towards your goals. We CAN help you understand the analysis needed, the way deals are structured, the teams/partners needed to do deals and help you set realistic expectations on the time it takes, the effort required and ultimately the path towards reaching your goals.
If I join Makin' Moves will you sponsor and KP any deals I find?
Tim and Tim do sponsor and KP deals. Yes!. However, we don't promise to KP and sponsor deals in the Makin' Moves community. Every deal is unique and specific and if Tim and Tim can't offer some sort of value or specific expertise to a deal, they won't participate. They don't believe in taking a piece of anyone's deal if they aren't earning their share! What Makin' Moves does offer is access to a whole network of people who can sponsor and KP a variety of deals. The Makin' Moves community makes it much more likely you will find whatever it is you need to get a good deal across the closing table!
I don't have that kind of money, why do I need to pay for your coaching?
Fair question. Tim and Tim have invested heavily in their own education. Both time and money. They've spent considerable amounts of money on mentors, coaches and programs over the years. They've been doing Real Estate deals for years! The information and experience they offer is valuable. Even more vaulable is time. Tim and Tim invest a great deal of their time into the Makin' Moves Coaching and Community. They love what they do and want to share that passion with others. The Makin' Moves offers a tremendous value! At a fraction of what other Coaching and Mentor programs charge. Tim and Tim realize that your money might be needed for deals. So, while others are charging $25,000 or more for their programs, Tim and Tim don't. Full access to them and all that Makin' Moves offers is well under $10,000. And they also offer other options! If you aren't ready, or able, to invest in Full Access coaching you can still get THE Analyzer and the Makin' Moves commnunity. Tim and Tim believe in options and have built Makin' Moves around ensuring people can get the access they need in a variety of ways.
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