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Makin Moves- A Community of Action

Coaching for People Who
Take Action

A Community of Actions Backed by the Tools Needed to Succeed
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Makin' Moves Coaching

Get Access to the Tools and Community You Need to Succeed

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What You get

Hands on Coaching, The Analyzer, Discord 
Community, Advisors, Industry Experts

Makin' Moves is More Than Just Coaching

Makin' Moves is Coaching. Yes! But we also give you the education and tools you need to succeed and do deals. Like our Industry Leading Deal Analyzer. 

We're also a community that features-

Weekly Coaching Calls, Monthly Check In Calls, Weekly Underwriting Reviews, Weekly Networking Calls, 24/7 Access to Our Discord Community, Industry Experts focused on Legal, Lending and Insurance, Local Market Experts
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Coaches and Tools

Get the coaching and tools you need to succeed. A 12 week Coaching Bootcamp that gets you ready to Make Moves and get deals done.

Community Support

The coaching gets you ready but now you need a team. The Makin' Moves Community provides exactly that. Industry experts, Underwriting support, Deal flow, Capital raisers...All Available to You!

Full Transparency

We aren't here to be high level or tell you it's easy. We're here to show you how by giving you full access under the hood and helping you set realistic expectations. A realistic roadmap to reaching your goals.

Makin' Moves Simplifies The Main Objective!

Set Your Goal and Get There

12-Week Bootcamp

To do Real Estate deals you have to have the tools. In the first 12 weeks, we focus on making sure you have what you need to get deals done the right way.


Now that you have the tools the Makin' Moves Community is here to help you use them to succeed. With access to all the support you'll need the ability to leverage this network will greatly increase your chances of success

On-Going Guidance

As you grow and work towards your goals, our regular coaching and check-in calls will make sure you are prepared no matter where you are in the process. We help you scale, grow and keep moving forward.
Makin' Moves Provides a Roadmap to Meeting Your Goals. We are Realistic and Trasparent. We Show You How We Did It.
Makin' Moves Has Multiple Options Designed to Meet Your Needs

In Depth Coaching

For those that want the full experiend Makin' Moves offers in depth coaching with a 12 week bootcamp, full access to the coaches, personal check ins, guidance and mentoring. Access to all of the tools including The Analyzer. Lifetime access to the Makin' Moves Community. This is everything you'll need to succeed.

Access to the Community

Already feel like you are a strong Underwriter? Don't need guidance on broker relationships or mindset? 
But you want access to a community of action takers who are doing deals and getting things done. You want access to lending, legal and insurance experts. You want access to STR and Self Storage experts and people with local market knowledge. Understood...get Access to the Makin' Moves Community!

The Analyzer

You want the best Underwriting Analyzer available! We don't blame you. That's why we created it!
Just want to Underwrite with THE Makin' Moves Analyzer. No problem. We got ya covered there as well.
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over 30 years of real estate experience available to you!

meet the makin' moves team

Tim Vest

Tim Vest

Tim Vitale

Tim Vitale


Tim Vest


Tim Vest has more than 15 years in real estate and development. From partnering with developers, to developing raw land, to purchasing and investing in single family rentals, fix and flips, multifamily and hotels. He is currently an owner and partner on multiple apartment communities. Outside of his passion for Real Estate, Tim has also enjoyed a 20+ year career in Technology, founded multiple startups and enjoys music, sports, travel and an active lifestyle. Of course, none of this would be possible without the amazing support from his wife of 20 years, Sara, and their soccer star daughter, Payton.

Tim Vitale


Tim Vitale is the Managing Partner of Upside Capital based out of Wilmington, NC. He spent 10 years in the corporate finance world and achieved the ranking AVP of Finance for a F500 Insurance Company prior to leaving his W2 life to pursue real estate full time. He specializes in underwriting, analysis, and budgeting. Tim was born into a real estate family and owns rental property in the Charlotte area and syndicates apartments throughout the Southeast USA Markets.

Offering the best Value Around

makin' moves Coaching Packages

Makin' Moves Coaching

Full Access- Everything Makin' Moves Offers- At a Discount


12 Months- Paid Once
A 17% Discount vs Monthly
Hands on Coaching
THE Analyzer
The Community- Lifetime Access
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Makin' Moves Coaching

Full Access- Everything Makin' Moves Offers- Easy Payments


12 Months- Paid Monthly
Easy Payment Option
Hands on Coaching
THE Analyzer
The Community- Lifetime Access
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Makin' Moves Community

Monthly Access to the Community


Paid Monthly
Limited Time- Normally $99
24/7 Discord Access w/ Industry Experts
Networking and Inside Scoop on New Deals
Weekly Deal Reviews- Submit Your Deal for Feeedback
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Race Cars &
Real Estate

The Makin' Moves 2022 Networking Event

November 18-19, 2022


Secure Yours Today
Porsche Experience Center- Drive 8 Different Porsche Models
Network w/  High-Caliber Multifamily Operators - Get In The Room
Guest Speakers Mike Ealy and Sam Silverman
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Here is a recap teaser of a few things you'll get when you join..

Direct Access to Tim and Tim for Feedback and Guidance  
Coaching and Guidance on Deal Structure, Syndications, Raising Money, Working With Brokers, and more
Lifetime Access to THE Analyzer  
Lifetime Access to The Makin' Moves Community featuring Action Takers, Deal Closers and Industry Experts- All Easily Accessed through Discord
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Whether you're seeking someone that can help you achieve your goals, get you started faster or just expand your network of high performers, Makin' Moves can help!
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